Stress-Free Session Tips: Family Portraits

Hello! Are you here looking for ideas on how to have a stress-free photography session for your family?

Whatever the season, family portraits are always in style--especially as your family is growing! When you work with us as the #Scenescerity Family, you will quickly learn how we are all about families. We love our own very much and this translates directly into the work we do. This is why, we put your family first during our session.

P.S. As an elementary school special education teacher, I do love working with children very much. Children truly bring me so much joy 💗

Well, so let's get right into it. Here are our top tips on how to have a stress-free photography session.

5. Reserve for a time that is after nap or feeding/lunch.


This goes for the little babies to the teens. We want to make sure your children are ready for the session, and I know I don't always work at my best if I'm hungry. I know this is true for kids, too (I've seen this in my classroom too often! Sigh). With that, bring snacks or treats--it's okay to eat with us! 


4. Dress (for the weather/your home) and be BOLD (solid colors)

Similar to our engagement session tips, we suggest wearing solid colors that are complementary to each other. This helps create timeless images that you will cherish for years to come. Matching outfits are also good! We do recommend that you steer clear from loud neons or very distracting prints.  Also, have everyone wear something that makes them feel their very best! (And yes, momma, get your hair and make-up done, you work SO hard, you deserve it!) 

3. Get ready to play! Show up and Love it up. 

Lifestyle Family Photography 

Lifestyle Family Photography 

Did I mention we love working with families, because families are awesome and make the world go 'round! If you're working with us, we will laugh, make silly noises (if necessary), play games, and pose, all for fun! We want to showcase your family interactions and how much you love each other. We will also get you those beautiful family formals, so do not worry. Your job as a family will be to love each other, and our job will be to direct and capture the beauty of it all. So relax and enjoy the experience. When you enjoy it, your whole family will too!  

2. Share what you envision for your final images with us

Are you planning on using your images for Christmas cards, or for Wall Prints for your happy home? Are there any certain poses you definitely want to capture? Let us know all of your ideas during your initial consultation with us when you reserve your session. This information will help us make sure we do our best job for you! 

1. Enjoy the little things. 

Your family portraits will be beautiful because Love is the best gift we can give or receive. We work with families who understand this, deeply. From the tickles, to the laughs or tears, your final images will be a treasure and we are so honored to help you create the memories that matter. 


If you have reserved your family portrait session with us: THANK YOU! We can't wait to work with you! If you haven't, we'd love to help you change that: Reserve Now  


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