Our Photography Favorites | 2018

Um, what? We cannot believe that it is yet another year of us getting to do this, and to do it together. God is blessing us in this storm and we are so GRATEFUL for the opportunities we have had this past year. Well, the last months of this last year have been so needed, and refinement and pruning is a necessary process yall (Can I get an ‘Amen?’).

We do have so much catch up to do with sharing more images on our blog, but here are just some our 2018 FAVORITES. This will be so fun to look over in the years to come, to see our progress and our growth, and to reminisce in the beautiful memories of the beautiful couples and families, and persons, we have met along the way.

We hold you in our prayers. May this new year , 2019, be UNPRECEDENTED in Love for you and your loved ones.

The New Year is a good reminder, that just like every new day, you can start over, be better than the year before, than the day before. And that it’s always worth it to continue: onward and upward!

This is our first picture together as an engaged couple! So this is our favorite picture of all time so far. Just a couple more months <3 2019 we can’t wait!!

This is our first picture together as an engaged couple! So this is our favorite picture of all time so far. Just a couple more months <3 2019 we can’t wait!!


With love and scenescerity,

Tim + Steph

your photographers

Hubbard Park Engagement Photos | Chris + Alivia get married

Meet Chris and Alivia.

They are one of the nicest neighbors I have ever had! They have big hearts, hearts for love; they would always offer me food, and Lord knows, that is the way to my heart. (Tim knows that too haha). This couple also loves God and inspires us with their dedication to each other, being best friends first! They are also so darn cute together. Fun Fact: Chris styled their outfits for their engagement session photoshoot. WIN!

These two had a beautiful Fall wedding reception at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven , and they were blessed with glorious rains! They say it’s good luck, but for us, as Christians, we know that Water is an important symbol of Renewal. So, Chris and Alivia, may everyday be blessed with showers of Renewal, as you continue on your journey of Life together, seeking the Love of Christ first, for God’s Love knows no end. May your Love grow with every day, as you appreciate each other more, and care for each other’s soul, welcoming all of life’s little and big adventures, always together. Amen.

Readers, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite images from Chris and Alivia’s Engagement Photo Session in Hubbard Park, Meriden, Connecticut.

We Love our Mother | Small Business Branding Photography + Indoor Lifestyle Photoshoot | Bronx, NY

The month of May is beautiful for many reasons, not just to us, but to many people around the world. Of course, we are so excited that Spring is finally in full bloom.The Month of May is also, the Month of Mary, the one woman in the entirety of existence who suffered much with great love; additionally, today's month of May started with the feast day of St. Joseph--talk about a powerhouse month for family and work--truly great examples of laboring with love and something we aim for in everything we do as well.

For us in particular, this month marks many special events, both private and public, including new ventures! And, perhaps if you stick around and keep reading our updates, you will learn and see why (all we can say right now: is please keep us in your prayers!! It is greatly appreciated). Let us, at least say, that we have continued to learn much about love, and are more committed than ever to live our lives together, with and for Love as The Goal. In just a couple of weeks, it will mark our 3 year anniversary! This one is going to be extra special because of some really exciting news that we can't share just yet... But hang in there, it's almost time!! Let's just say we really look forward to collaborating with our new friends at Glorious Moments Photography.

Before we continue any more on our own emotional joys, we want to highlight a great Mother that we had the privilege of getting to know this past month. She is the owner of one our new favorite small businesses, Rose's Mama Creations. From artisanal drinks, to colorful and sweet chocolate-covered strawberry-rose-bouquets, and custom designs like this birthday balloon featured below, she is truly a creative and dedicated small business owner. With a heart for her daughter, she is an entrepreneur who, just like Mother Mary, does all things for the love of her family. We respect mothers who live this Truth in everything they do (just like our own mothers), and we both look forward to the day when we can take part in that Truth when it comes time to start our own family. 

Here are some of our favorite images: both branding for her small business, and of her beautiful baby girl who recently turned 7 months!! (P.S. These are her very own sweet treats and custom made balloons!)

Her Mother's Day treats are going on now--be sure to order some for yourself or the mother that makes all the difference in your life!

Message her here and let her know we sent you ;) She will deliver to you/your loved one--and just in time for any last minute Mother's Day gifts. Enjoy and may this month of May be filled with Love of Family. 

I love you where there's no space or time | Central Park Couples Photography

Valentine's Day actually has a great story behind it--about a great Saint (St. Valentine of Rome) --and it is definitely a day that we can remember is to celebrate Love. Love is worth fighting for, and even risking it all for (just like St. Valentine did during the year 269!).

This year, Valentine's day is especially wonderful because it coincides with another Catholic tradition, Ash Wednesday. This means that we will be celebrating the Love of all Loves, and our own little-'L' love. We will be celebrating St. Valentine's day and Ash Wednesday, with ashes on our forehead and a home-made fish dinner, along with full hearts, grateful for the opportunity to remember that life's greatest gift is, indeed, Love

We have been building our habit of gratitude for the other, with words and little acts every day, and something we regularly do, is dedicate music to each other.  There are two songs that we know we'll be dancing to on our own Wedding day (and in our living room when we're old and gray, God willing). These two songs are very special to us: Stephanie dedicates this cover to Timothy, "A Song for you," beautifully done by The Carpenters. Timothy dedicates this love song to Stephanie, "Wonderful tonight," by Eric Clapton. We do not have a lot of money right now, so sweets and treats are hard to come by, but these melodies make our hearts joyful and help us remember the importance of Love--especially when times are tough and every day has struggles of its own. What are some ways that you show your loved one how much they mean to you? 

Please share your comments below--maybe you can help inspire some great romantic gesture, even in the littlest ways!

With that, we want to share a very special featured session for a truly beautiful married couple, Juan and Natasha. These two lovebirds came away to New York to celebrate Juan's birthday (we think his wife is just the best for putting so much thought into making his birthday so special!). We were honored when Natasha reached out to us to take photographs of their first trip to NY as a couple. We were doubly honored when they shared their story with us--their struggles and their joys, and through it all, their sincere smiles and warm laughs. 

We can not tire of acknowledging the beauty of love. Real love--a love that sticks with it, through and through, no matter what comes. Love that fights for each other. Juan and Natasha are definitely great examples of this.

And so, here are some of our favorite images from their Winter Wonderland, "Best friends in Love," Central Park Photography Session ♡♡♡ We can't wait to see what Goodness the future brings these two. Cheers to you both! You are always welcome in NY!


with #scenescerity, Tim+Steph

Purpose and Photography (Hello 2018!) | Portraits in Hubbard Park!

2018 came with a purpose.

If you are reading this, it is to be reminded that this year, this day, this moment is given to you--as a gift. What will you do with it?

There are many moments that come and go... if we let them. The beauty of photography is to capture the essence of our every day. Truly, the infinite that can come wrapped in the smiles of our loved ones. It is a beauty that we must never be easy to let go of. 

Whether it's just for you, or to share in the moments with those you love, the moments are precious and all the ones we have should be cherished. With that, something we want to focus on more this year is documentary+lifestyle photography, including Motherhood and Newborn Photography. We are really excited to announce that we have scheduled our first Motherhood (Maternity photography) Session, and we are so honored to provide this gift to a beautiful young mother and her now-growing family. These are God's gifts and we need to treat them as such--with preservation and again, purpose.

Please stay tuned to see those images. In the meantime, we want to highlight some of our favorite photos from a shoot with a young woman who paid a beautiful tribute to her Native American Heritage. These were for her, for her portfolio ,but in capturing these, she shares such a beautiful part of herself with our audience. Take it in, and think about what it speaks to you. Think about how you can, too, gift yourself with special images that mean something more.

We look forward to the purpose that awaits. Let the adventure begin (for every moment is a new start)! #believeit #receiveit 

With #scenescerity, Steph+Tim