Frequently asked questions


How long have you been in business?

Timothy has studied editing in television broadcast since 2008 and has been editing film and images since then, now dedicated to the Scenescerity team since 2016. Stephanie began her love of photography, picking up her first digital camera in 2006, and her first professional photoshoot was for a New York prom in 2015.  Scenescerity Images officially launched in June 2016.


how would you describe YOur WORK STYLE?

We would describe our editing style and images to be bright and bold--sincere, whether in color or contrast, highlighting the beauty and truth of the moment. We love how colors interact (an inspiration  for Tim is the eclectic and colorful film director, Wes Anderson). We enjoy making your images express the truest feelings and really bring the moment back to life for you, long after it happened. As for working with us, we dedicate our time to getting to know you and your photography needs, and our job is to make sure that you have the time of your life in front of our lens. All you have to do is show up, get ready for fun and live in the moment--we'll take care of all the rest.  


What is included in our package?

Every package is customizable and we can make sure that you get exactly what you need. With that said, every package includes a free consultation  (by phone, or in person) to see if we are both a good fit for each other! If so, you get our two-person team, top-quality professional editing of your best images--and more from there depending on what you book with us. (Please note: we do not offer video or cinematography at this time, although that is our goal for the next 3 years as we continue to build our brand and business, while preparing for the next chapter in our lives!). For more information, click here.


How much are your services?

Every collection has a different starting point, and includes travel for our two-person team, professional editing and delivery of all your best images from your session, and may include credits for additional prints.

  • Family collections start from $299 for two hours.

  • Engagement collections start from $199 for two hours.

  • Wedding Day collections start from $999 for full day of coverage.

All packages can be customized to best meet your needs. Let’s connect and discuss what you are looking for!

central park new york engagement photographer


Will I receive the raw unedited images?

We understand why you ask this--perhaps you want all the images because who wouldn't! However, we pride ourselves in only providing our best work. Trust us, you don't want all the images we capture, as some can include repeats, with eyes closed or awkward posing (we have our clicker going almost non-stop!) We will only deliver the best of the best for your final finished products. Just like a baker won't give you a half-baked cake with raw dough and poorly done frosting, we will not give you photos that aren't up to our standards. We promise to deliver the best, and you will get the very top images from your session; nothing is held back. This is our #scenescerity promise. 


DO you offer destination wedding photography?

Absolutely! We love to travel and have photographed (weddings, couples and landscapes) in:

  • Wedding photographer Harbor Lights, Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Wedding photographer The Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

  • Wedding photographer The Woodwinds, Branford, Connecticut

  • Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Ohio, and others

    We have also ventured to Italy, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, and Honduras (hopefully Spain is in our honeymoon future!).

    At this time, we are eagerly looking for opportunities to build our portfolio with destination wedding photography, and to capture your most special event! Please contact us to inquire about our travel schedule. If it is an international event, let's chat and make it happen! 


When you hire Scenescerity Images, you are investing in the entire #scenescerity experience: from start to finish, with carefully curated images that are of our highest standard. We spend more time in pre- and post- production than at the actual shoot or event when you see us... in fact, it often totals between 30-60 hours of work, depending on how many images are being delivered to you. As mentioned in our contract upon your reservation, we strongly advise against any extra filters or crops (e.g., instagram filters), because it tarnishes what we have worked so carefully to craft just for you. If you are ever unsatisfied with any of our work, we are happy to discuss solutions as a team, with you and with your happiness as our goal, to guarantee your satisfaction. After all, you are our beloved client.


8. how do i book a session or wedding with you?

To see if we are a good match, please use our contact form with as many details as you can provide regarding your session or wedding, or give us a call! (P.S. super exciting, so major congratulations are in order!!) When we receive your inquiry, we will follow up to schedule your free consultation  (in person or phone, where we will review all the details together). If we are both confident in moving forward, you will receive your customized contract, and release form to sign, and you will make a 25% non-refundable deposit to reserve the date and time for your photography service with us. Your balance must be paid in full a month in advance for weddings, and two weeks in advance for all other sessions (to ensure all deliveries are timely!).