Communion and Confirmation Photography | Queens, New York

Tim is our writer for this post! Hear about our latest photography experience for Communion and Confirmation photography in Queens, NY from his point of view. 

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Stress-Free Session Tips: Family Portraits

Family Portrait sessions are always in style! It is important to be prepared. Here are our session tips for working with the #Scenescerity Family. If you find this helpful, please leave us a comment and let us know :)

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Prom Photography | Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City

For many seniors, prom is a moment in life that goes by too fast, and so we had the privilege of capturing sweet moments for these senior prom best friends!

The day was gorgeous--the sun was bright and it was a cool August afternoon. From getting ready, to friends having a great time, and to precious poses (including a special one with the Prom girl and the photographer aka the sisters), we had a blast with helping make these memories.