Family Portraits in The Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park, New York City

Happy Fall everyone! 

We are happy to welcome a fruitful season in our lives: as a couple, as individuals, and as a business. We are wrapping up our First Fall Mini sessions!! (super exciting), and recruiting now for Christmas Portraits as well (be sure to check your email for your special promo code; Don't receive our emails yet? Let's change that!). 

Now, we are trying our hand at portrait photography for individuals and we are excited to finish those images to share with you! In the meantime, we still are really in love with the family dynamic: we care about families so much, because, hey, they are the beginning of our world, right? Families are so important, and as we get so close to Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!!), we are continually reminded of how grateful we are for our families that we have photographed, and our families that surround us on a day-to-day basis. 

Let's keep it real, of course, families can be very challenging. This can be true with all sorts of personalities in the family, and for many other reasons (and both Tim and Steph can confirm that their own families are NO WHERE near perfect). However, we choose Love every day. We choose to Love our families and we are so grateful for them--in the good times and bad. This Thanksgiving, we hope to keep big smiles and hearts full of love. Please join us in choosing Love for our families!

We hope to keep up our big smiles and happy hearts like this beautiful boy, and his awesome family! Cheers to where it all starts: Love. 

What are good ways for you to keep a happy home (especially when the tough times roll around)? Please leave us your comments and help all families succeed! 



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