Happy Easter!

From the Scenescerity Family to you, we hope you have a beautiful Easter. This day is not about bunnies and chocolates, though bunnies are cutes and chocolate is delicious. This day is about Hope. 

Easter White flower

Christ's Resurrection is our Renewal.

We learned a LOT this past Lent, and are so grateful that God has been strength through it all. From photography, to relationships and family, our faith is keeping us going through all of life's ups and downs. We pray that we never falter in our faith, that we always persevere. And the greatest thing is that we know that when we feel like giving up, God is in our corner and commanding us to keep going. He is our Father, our friend, our coach, our guide, our Love, our Rock. 


And with that, we are so grateful for every breath.

May you be renewed this Easter season--remember, Lent was 40 days. But Easter is 50 days. SO LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN. 

Stress-Free Session Tips: Family Portraits

Family Portrait sessions are always in style! It is important to be prepared. Here are our session tips for working with the #Scenescerity Family. If you find this helpful, please leave us a comment and let us know :)

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One week left! ❤ Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Time keeps going. 

That's something we are learning the hard way--so many things to get done, so little time! However, Tim & I are working extra hard to work on our dreams. We are putting the pieces in place to help us advance as individuals and as a couple working towards our future. Photography is a beautiful thing for us to share, and finding time for our passions helps us motivate and get through the day. 

We recently finished our first newborn photo shoot and that was such a blessing! To be able to take such important photos and to deliver them to the people who will appreciate them the most--that is more a gift for us. We can't emphasize enough how much of an honor it is to serve our communities with our Photography & Imaging service. 

Here's a small sneak peek of those adorable tiny feet. Oh, the places they'll go! ⇾

Click here to visit their featured album.

Click here to visit their featured album.

Also, a super special shout out to our first baby who will be turning one next month! Doesn't she have so much personality---that eyebrow raise, though. ⬎


But really, I met this lovely baby almost a year ago! What! How, time flies.

So, I urge you to not waste a moment longer--time is of the essence. Valentine's day is next week, and the great news is A #Scenescerity Valentine's is meant for you. You deserve to have beautiful images that last a lifetime--whether you are an engaged couple, a married couple, a dating couple, or simply a beautiful family.

Time keeps going, but don't let this special get away from you now! There are four days left to reserve your session. We look forward to serving you. 

Click this ad above to learn more. 

Click this ad above to learn more. 

Our Photography Favorites | 2016

We can't believe it! It is the end of a year. So much has happened since our launch and we are so eager to see what the future holds for us. We are so grateful to have come to this point--we've learned much!

Our favorite part about this whole experience thus far is that we get to work with our best friend--each other. *awwww* But, really, it is awesome. We are blessed to spend our days together. 

Here are some of our favorite moments since our launch in June 2016. Each moment shared here is special in some way to us . 2016, thank you for these opportunities. & 2017, we are ready! 

One of our life motto's as a couple is, "Adventure awaits!" And we definitely know this is true.

so, Happy New Year! Bring it on!!


With Love, 

The #Scenescerity Family

Phone upload: Visiting Roosevelt Island for the first time together! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

Phone upload: Visiting Roosevelt Island for the first time together! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!