Just a little bit... but we did it! (Our first photo contest)

Friends, countrymen, lend us your.....


and ears!

We have exciting news that we'd love to share with you--the beloved ones of our #Scenescerity family. 

We entered a photography contest for the first time this year. Thanks to Shoot & Share , we became brave and submitted 50 photos of our work--these photos were up against quite a lot of talent, but we submitted anyway, confident in our abilities, and well, we also thought, WHY THE HECK NOT? The worst that could happen is.. nothing. And boy, oh boy, were we pleasantly surprised. 

The first couple of days we received some "hearts," which meant that some of our photos were favorited--which in turn meant, that other creative and artistic photographers, out there in the big wide world, thought that for some reason our work was AWESOME. 

And we continued to receive a couple of hearts here and there, until, we didn't anymore. 

Let me say: we didn't win.

But we did place!

And we feel really proud and want to share our photos that placed and advanced in the rounds with you. 

This was just our first time entering, and something happened. We feel so confident in what God and Life has in store for us, and we are going forward--one tiny step at a time--but forward nonetheless.

May this be a reminder to you, similar to the message of "The Little Engine that Could"--because we can, and we will! It all takes time, patience, and determination. And most importantly, even just a little bit of Faith.