Why Photography is Important

Photography first began in 1827 and has been developing ever since (pun intended). Here are our top 3 reasons why your images are important to invest in and why they should be treated with the greatest regard. 

3. Photography is an Art. 

Painters create with colors. Dancers create with movement. Poets create with words and singers create with melody. These are all art forms and outlets for human expression.

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Photographers, similarly, create. They create with light. How light falls and falls off objects can alter the perception of the object's shape and in turn, with reality. It is a photographer's responsibility to learn about light and the shadows. 

Light is also the key to seeing--without light, there is no image. And finding the right light, and how to work with light, is vital to our art. 

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
— Aaron Rose

2. Photography is history.

From the first photograph, images were captured to express and document our human experience. This is true for film and television as well, and both work together to paint the picture of our humanity and history. Over time, colors came into play and by playing with light and colors, many artists have risen to express history and stories from our time. Wes Anderson is one that inspires Tim as he is editing and works with the colors and light in our images. 

1. Memories change over time

Did you know that how you remember something is different than how others remember it, even if it is the same event? With that, certain details can stick out in our mind and can even change over time. Photographs help us immortalize our memories and keep them safe, even through the wear and tear of the years. We can remember the emotions, the colors, the day and time. Plus, how lucky are we that we now have digital images!

Our memories can now be kept in tact forever.

Tim and his mother circa late 90's.

Tim and his mother circa late 90's.

For the moments that matter--from the milestones to the everyday miracles (first step, first kiss, last look, laughs and tears)--we, as the Scenescerity family, use our photography to frame and remember the beautiful in the ordinary. For truly, our lives are Anything but Ordinary (cue the music). 


Images are important and worth investing in for these reasons and many more. It's vital for our history, and for our memories! We understand how special images are and take this into every image we capture.