Tips on How to keep a Positive Attitude

We are so excited to be here. To be alive another day, experiencing another breath, and yet another step closer to our success. And another step closer to a new year.

Recent events (both photo-related and non-photo related) have put some great things into perspective for us at the #Scenescerity family.

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1. Success is not measured by other's opinions of you.

As we grow in our business, both as business people, as partners in love and life, as photographers who do it for the love of capturing sincerity in images, and as we grow in our craft, as individuals and as a team--we have one thing clearer in our mind. Our success is made real when we meet and surpass our own expectations.

And we are setting them very high. We do continually aim to put our client needs at the forefront, and when they can communicate these needs clearly, we know the expectations and we can work towards them. We also can work to surpass them. 

2. Working towards our success does not start in the new year.

You read that right; We are working towards success right now. We know that ringing in the new year does not suddenly change anything. We are using it as yet more of a means to motivate us, but we also know that we need to set up ourselves for success right now. Every step we take is either towards success or not. And if not, those steps can even be used to bring us back to success as we learn from them. We have learned a lot from our recent shoots and navigating our online presence. We are ready to keep learning and keep building. 

3. It is all about the journey.

Really. Not to be cheesy--but it is all about the journey. Every step, workshop, networking opportunity, conversation late at night about our dreams as a business and as partners, drafting and revision, edit on our sites--all of that, it is all bringing us closer to success.

At the end of the day, we need to know that we did our very best and put in all of our effort to ensure our success as a team, as a family. This is what is bringing about our success, and our success will continue to grow and develop and we do. 

So, see you next year! We are working right now to bring in success for our business, our family, and our beloved clients. 

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

praying for your success too <3

-The #Scenescerity Family