A Scenescerity Road Trip

This is the story of couple, who over a year ago, decided to invest their time and talents into running a photography business. Part-time for now, of course, with full-time hopes for the future. (Crazy? Maybe. But worth it? Absolutely!)

They are Timothy and Stephanie. They have been busy with their regular, day-time, "normal people" jobs and searches for better jobs, all the while, managing and making time for their creative work (writing, music, and of course, the reason you are here, photography). However, with all this aside, Tim and Steph had the opportunity--a blissfully open window of opportunity--to finally take their first road trip. And, boy, oh boy, were they excited! 

Okay, now, let's refrain from speaking of ourselves in third person!

Well, let us continue: we're not biased or anything, but the trip was everything we needed to wrap up our very stressful summer. Stressful because of job slip ups and financial strain, health concerns, and concerns with outside parties, including family and friends-- but God has been faithful. Having faith has been proven to be all the more important when navigating this sometimes crazy life we have been living. With the opportunity present, however, we knew it was time to act: We definitely took advantage and embarked on our first road trip together! 

We agree that the highlight of our trip was in the time we had to enjoy each other as friends--sticking to our goal of being traditional, all the while enjoying the adventures that we encountered. There is nothing more special than knowing you have a Love where you truly love the other person, for who they are, and that you are allowed to have fun! This trip helped us love each other more deeply and richly, and strengthened our desire to live the rest of our lives together.

Okay, too sappy? 

Well, our itinerary was jam packed. In seven days, we travelled over 3,000 miles!

We visited Philadelphia, stopped in Pittsburg, PA, and continued on to Akron and Cleveland, OH. From there, we trekked to Niagara Falls, where rainbows greeted us and filled our hearts with joy and awe at the beauty of the nature we were privileged to witness. Seeing it together, and getting to live the moment, was more than we had hoped for. From there, we visited family in Syracuse, NY before heading for hikes and quiet living in the mountains of Vermont. Then, continuing on to one of our favorites cities: Boston, where we stayed by the beautiful beach in Hull, MA. Finally, we made our way to Tim's childhood vacation spot, Misquamicut, Rhode Island. (Steph was surprisingly pleased with this place and both of us look forward to bringing our own children here in the future for our own Summer family vacations! #traditions)

All, in all, traveling continues to be one of our favorites, for we get to enjoy this beautiful world, and enjoy it together. 

Please let us know if you've been to any of these places, and if you recommend anything for our next trip! We'd like to share some of our moments in photographs and pictures here: