Top 5 Reasons to Make Time for Family Portraits

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Let's face it! Life gets busy. Work days get long and sometimes, all we need is that time to unwind--to watching episodes of our favorite shows, or taking the time to catch up with our friends. Or doing those extra stretches and prayers. We all do need to take some time out to clear our heads.

But how many of us take time to capture those moments that matter? As people who appreciate remembering the moment, sometimes any picture is better than no picture--like that time we made our first anniversary; or that time that my sister graduated high school!  We definitely understand that sometimes, any picture is better than no picture. 

5. We invest our time and money into what matters to us.

We all make time for the things that are most important to us. And we pay for things that we feel will make our lives better. Perhaps that is Netflix. Or that extra cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Or those new sneakers or suits.

We all work hard and when we can, we (deserve to) play hard--Tim will sometimes get a new video game or some artsy fartsy film! I sometimes will gift myself a manicure or pedicure (which is rare enough as it is already). However, as special as these purchases may make us feel, they won't last for a lifetime. They come and go--there will always be newer versions and updates--and yet, we buy and pay for these luxuries every day.

Most of us spend too much time on what [we think] is urgent and not enough time on what [we know] is important.
— Stephen R. Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families

4. Memories change over time--but will be with you forever.

We want to encourage you to think about other, more necessary ways to invest your money. We believe that is investing in your memories. Memories that won't be updated, that slip through time, unless you choose to save them. To keep them to be relived again and again. Remember, memories can change over time, but photography and recording the moments that matter can save them. 

That's where we come in: to save your moments through professional photography. From your wedding day, to your child's first walk, to your graduation or promotion day, or a birthday--all these moments are important and worthy of preserving with professional photography. 

3. Time is precious.

Old family photograph Queens NYC

I never had any professional images of myself growing up. As I watched my sister grow up too, neither did she. Here's one of my favorite pictures in the whole world: my mom and uncle holding my sister a couple of days after she was born. As her big sister, I wish there would have been more of these precious moments captured in a more intentional way: through professional photography. Because time is precious. These moments are now gone, and although any picture is better than no picture, these are the moments that deserve our intention and investment.

Even as Timothy grew up, he didn't have any professional photographs of himself or his brothers when they were young, either. His parents still have a whole garbage bag filled with rolls of film that have not yet been developed! That's years of memories and moments that are essentially forgotten. All because the time wasn't taken to capture these moments--moments that will never come again.

2. Spending time with your family is an invaluable experience. 

 Tim and I know that when our first little ones are born and join us in this life, we will make sure we dedicate the time to spend with them in front of the camera, as well as from behind the camera. To capture the moment, is to preserve the memory. As mentioned in our article about "Why your images are important," we remember that memories can, and unfortunately, do change over time. Photography has the special ability of recording our humanity, and the beauty that we don't want to let slip away.

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We honor this truth with every image and experience we capture. We hope you will understand and share this sentiment after working with us. We hope you will make the decision to invest in your memories, as you live them in front of our camera, and again, over the years to come. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting you! 


1. Love is worth it.

Your family is worth it.

You are worth it.