Family comes first | Lifestyle Family Photography Examples

This weekend, rest is the ultimate prize. These last couple of weeks have been busier than ever, and on top of that, we have welcomed to new growing families to our own #Scenescerity family. We're tired, but working on, and ever so grateful.

Life is a curious thing! Things work out for the best, and we trust in this truth. Especially when it comes to our family--work is important, but we will do anything for our families. 

We've recently had the honor of working closely with three families, with beautiful mothers, fathers, and their beautiful children. When we can capture such sweet and special moments--and to know that it means so much more to the people who will receive the images--well, that means the world to us. 

And we are learning, lifestyle photography is really becoming our favorite. 

Here are some of our recent favorites. Won't you enjoy them with us?