Stress-Free Session Tips: Engagement Photography

Do you have an engagement session coming up with us?

First of all, let me say: CONGRATULATIONS!!

We are so excited, & privileged, to help share in  your special day as you prepare for a life of love and marriage. We are honored that we can help create timeless memories you can cherish for a lifetime <3 

Now that the date of your engagement photoshoot is approaching, here's a small list of things to keep in mind as you prepare for your session. 


  1. Location(s)

    •   It is important to think of a place or two that are meaningful to you as a couple, as well as some locations that showcase your personalities and interests. A cool backdrop is always nice, too. Another idea is picking your location based on an activity you would like to do together (e.g., apple picking, board walk, eating ice cream). 
  2.  Be yourselves  

    •  An option for you to consider is to bring any sort of items that are meaningful to you: as individuals and as a couple. This could be a guitar, blanket to wrap up in during the cooler weather, family heirlooms (e.g., pearl earrings), small chalkboard to write on, or custom couple attire. Feel free to be creative and let your personality shine.
    • Shy in front of a camera? Don't worry, we are too! We promise to make sure you feel comfortable and that your smiles are genuine; no awkward posing (maybe, awkward jokes, but we'll laugh it off together!)
  3. Appearance

    •  The best way to capture timeless and sincere images is when you feel your best. We recommend that you take that extra time getting ready--whether that is extra time doing your hair and makeup, buying any special accessories for your attire, or even wearing that outfit that makes you feel like a R O C K S T A R . Luckily, we collaborate with a couple of local make up artists, who can offer their services to you for affordable rates: based on your location, we will connect you with the right artist. 

  4. What to wear

    •  When picking your attire, definitely aim for what makes you feel your best. We do, however, recommend that you stay away from neon colors, and any exaggerated prints (e.g., large distracting prints). Solid colors are preferable. Also, we encourage matching in complementary colors. When you look your best, you will feel more confident--this will help capture moments that last forever.
Brandon+Jannette at The Highline

Brandon+Jannette at The Highline

Red Love on the Highline

Red Love on the Highline

I'm wearing the smile you gave me #scenescerity

I'm wearing the smile you gave me #scenescerity