Happy Easter!

From the Scenescerity Family to you, we hope you have a beautiful Easter. This day is not about bunnies and chocolates, though bunnies are cutes and chocolate is delicious. This day is about Hope. 

Easter White flower

Christ's Resurrection is our Renewal.

We learned a LOT this past Lent, and are so grateful that God has been strength through it all. From photography, to relationships and family, our faith is keeping us going through all of life's ups and downs. We pray that we never falter in our faith, that we always persevere. And the greatest thing is that we know that when we feel like giving up, God is in our corner and commanding us to keep going. He is our Father, our friend, our coach, our guide, our Love, our Rock. 


And with that, we are so grateful for every breath.

May you be renewed this Easter season--remember, Lent was 40 days. But Easter is 50 days. SO LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN.